Thursday, July 28, 2011

In response to the Paleo Diet Being Gluten Free

In the Triumph Dining Guide, Emily K. describes the paleo diet as gluten free by default.

It is important to note:
The paleo diet IS NOT gluten-free by default!
The following products are not always gluten free and may contain enough gluten to trigger an immune reaction in Celiacs and others with allergic responses or gluten sensitivity.
Unless your growing your veggies, meat and picking your own nuts and seeds, the following you listed may contain gluten.
The following products may contain gluten:
1.      Meats (for example: may contain wheat or additives or may be prepped in areas that have flour dust in the air)
2.      vegetables (depends on how they are shipped, stored and handled)
3.      fruits
4.      beef (especially grain fed – depending on how the meat is slaughtered)
5.      nuts and seeds (depends on storage and packaging)
6.      veggies (barley grass, wheat grass and oat grass are not necessarily gluten free but would be considered vegetables)
7.      sashimi (if prepped in a restaurant may pick up traces of gluten on cutting boards, knives or flour dust from the air)
8.      Tartare (seasonings and sauce may contain gluten)
9.      bacon (may contain additives)
10.  burgers (may contain fillers)
11.  mushrooms (may be grown on gluten containing grains)
12.  chicken (depends on slaughtering, storage and packaging practices)
A person with Celiac cannot have even a trace of gluten, 1/6th of a bread crumb without triggering a immune reaction.  While some of the above products may be safer than grain related packaged products, the risk is still there and should not be taken lightly.